Students fix up car for demolition run at the show

A big job ahead of them. Kyogle High School students spent eight weeks fixing up this car.

Susanna Freymark

Technology teacher Blair O’Meara runs courses in farm maintenance at Kyogle High School.

He wanted to find a way to engage students in mechanics and repairs.

The Demolition Derby at the Kyogle Show this Saturday night, October 7 provided the perfect way to make mechanics fun.

Mr O’Meara said they were given a car from the Harris family – a Ford TX5 Telsa 1995.

“We spent eight weeks stripping it and getting it running,” he said.

Students get to work to fix the car.

Kyogle High School P&C Association is the major sponsor.

There has been lots of support from the community, Mr O’Meara said.

Former student Andrew Harris will drive the car in the Demolition Derby. The winner will be the last car left in the ring still driving.

“We’ll make sure Kyogle Show gets its money’s worth,” Mr O’Meara said.

Technology teacher Blair O’Meara with the completed car.

The car project was about doing something cool with the class,” he said.

Check the Kyogle Show website for the program of events.

The Demolition Derby will presents a prize to the best car at 5.30pm. Fireworks are at 7pm and after that it is the derby. It’s going to be noisy, fast and fun.

The school team has received support from– Graham’s Precast Concrete, Garred’s Mechanical, Andersons Engineering, Kyogle Tilt Tray, Kyogle SES, Kyogle H Hardware, Harley & Co, Soward’s Steel and Aluminium Fabrication, Gibbos A1 Auto Parts, Kyogle Tyres & More and Brayden Langley.

Could Kyogle High School’s car be the winner of the Demolition Derby? Photos: Contributed

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