The future is in good hands – meet the Young Women of the Year entrants

Kyogle Show Women of the Year entrants Olivia O’Reilly, Reanna Smith, Zoe Davis and Brittney Little. Photo: Holly Mariconte Photography

The winner will be announced at the Kyogle Show on Saturday, October 7.

We asked each entrant the same questions. In their own words, here are their answers.

Reanna Kay Smith from Cedar Point

I have lived in and around Kyogle for most of my life.

I am one of three children and most of my family all live and come from the Kyogle area. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a lot of support from family members around the district. I’m grateful for the opportunities that I have been given from a young age to learn to ride, muster cattle and gain hands-on experience on their properties.

I decided to enter this year’s young women competition to showcase my passion for the agriculture industry and my passion for women in agriculture. I also had some encouragement from my nan who always pushes me to do my best.

I want to promote and encourage other women in the rural industry to get in, have a go and challenge themselves.

I’m passionate about the agriculture industry, particularly the beef industry, stock horses and animal health. I’m passionate about encouraging others to get in and have a go, particularly likeminded women in the industry. I’m also passionate about my two small businesses, Tough & Dusty and Northern Bliss Pulse Therapy.

I love that the show brings the whole community together. I think it’s great that a variety of different people can all participate in events at the show as well as get together for the social side. I’m very proud of our town and blessed to call Kyogle home.

I have always enjoyed going to the Kyogle Show. During my schooling at Kyogle High School, I participated in showing and judging beef cattle which I absolutely loved! I was also lucky enough to participate in the state competition for Junior Judging at the Sydney Royal Show after gaining first place at the North Coast National.

What advice would you give your seven year old self?

“Get in, have a go and don’t be afraid of not being good enough or making mistakes. You can do anything you put your mind to and the only person who can hold you back is yourself.”

Brittney Little from Ettrick

I am the youngest of my siblings – two brothers and two sisters.

My mother is a fifth generation dairy farmer and I hope to become the sixth generation one day.

My mum was the one who showed me the importance of the agricultural industry and supporting our community. I feel like this competition is the perfect opportunity to show my passion for both the agriculture industry and community.

I love all things agriculture particularly in the dairy industry. This comes from more than five generations of dairy producers in my family.

I love that the Kyogle Show is a meeting place for all the locals to gather and showcase what they are passionate about.

In 2015 I won my first champion ribbon for my long stitch, one of my best memories.

I’m a hard working young woman who has a strong dedication to my family and my career.

What advice would you give your seven year old self?

“Before any challenge take a deep breath and ready yourself. Never let anyone tell you No and never back down for what you want.”

Olivia O’Reilly from Iron Pot Creek

I was born and raised at Iron Pot Creek where my family run a beef cattle operation. We work together to complete Ironpot Pastoral where we exhibit led show steers at local and royal shows.

I entered this year’s young women competition to give back to my community. I am very grateful for the opportunities that I was given growing up and I feel this is going to let me gain more knowledge within our agricultural industry.

In my spare time I really enjoy showing led show steers, camp drafting, playing league tag, helping on the family farm and spending time with family and friends.

I feel there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Kyogle Show, but the Beef Cattle Section is definitely one of my favourites. I love the atmosphere and the youth involvement.

I’ve had lots of fun memories at the Kyogle Show. I’ve enjoyed competing in the bush pony competitions, entering homemade cooking and exhibited led steers in the beef cattle section.

I currently work for Donovan Livestock & Property in livestock administration. When I am not attending those duties on a Saturday, you will find me at the Kyogle Soul Pattinson Pharmacy when I work as a pharmacy assistant in the dispensary.

What advice would you give your seven year old self?

“Take every opportunity you are given and have fun doing it! No matter the situation someone is always watching. I was once told doing little things now will turn into big things later.”

Zoe Davis from Mongogarie

Both my parents were born and raised in Kyogle and a lot of my other family members still live in Kyogle. I grew up on a blueberry farm just outside of Kyogle at the bottom of Fairy Mount.

I have three older brothers who taught me a lot when we were growing up, and I know my mum wanted a girly girl but unfortunately, I was far from that, preferring to be outside around the cows and horses.

My family helped me grow my passion for agriculture and the love I have for horses and horse riding.

This competition is about much more than pretty dresses and going to nice dinners – it’s about the young rural women of this area. I want to do it to show that it’s not a beauty pageant but so much more – it’s an amazing opportunity for likeminded young women like me wanting to grow and expand their knowledge and life experiences.

I am passionate about agriculture and what it has to offer especially for females in our community. I want to make myself proud by stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a chance at learning something new as well as experience what this comp has to offer. I also want to represent Kyogle and everything that this beautiful town has to offer as this town made me the person I am today.

I have a strong passion for agriculture and just pretty much everything about it. Agriculture isn’t just a way of life, but it brings people together through good and bad times. There are many aspects in the industry from dairy farms, cropping and the beef industry plus many more but my heart would have to be in the beef cattle. One of my other passions is showing and riding horses. I enjoy spending my days riding and training young horses, whether I’m training for an up-and-coming competition or at home moving and checking cows.

I love going to a local show. My favourite section is in the ring with all the horses. From the little minis to draft horses there are so many breeds and styles of riding on display for the local community.

My best show memory would have to be when I was part of the local Rural Youth. I was doing a record memory book of a poddy calf that I had fed and reared. Once I completed the book, I entered the book and heifer into the show in a special section in the leading cattle part of the show. On Show Day I floated my Angus heifer named Rosie down to the show, got her all brushed and ready for the ring. I led her around where she took out first place and received a trophy. It was such an amazing moment for me as I had reared this little poddy then trained her to lead. I couldn’t have been happier or prouder that day of me and my little black Angus. I still have Rosie and she has produced many fine calves for me.

What advice would you give your seven year old self?

“I would tell my younger self to never give up on those dreams I had back then and to never stop when something gets hard. To learn as much as I could – soaking up everything each day would bring – as well as just enjoy each day to the fullest.”

One of these young women will be chosen for the Women of the Year 2023 title. Photo: Holly Mariconte Photography
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