Weekend Quiz 2021-10-09 Ten questions, how many can you get right?

Your weekend quiz by John James Maloney


  1. Mount Bartle Frere (Choorechillum) is the highest mountain in which state?
  2. Dorking is a breed of what?
  3. What was the 1990 No.1 hit by Alanna Myles – Black … A. Wool; B. Velvet; C. Nylon; D. Calico?
  4. Coramba is a village in what local government area?
  5. What horse won the 2020 Melbourne Cup?
  6. The Edsel was a poor selling model that almost sent which car maker broke?
  7. The red and green kangaroo paw is which state’s flower?
  8. Richard Whittington (1354-1423) was a mayor of what city?
  9. Kingaroy in Queensland was a major producer of what food?
  10. K’gari island in Queensland was previously called?


1 Queensland.

2 Chicken (poultry).

3 Black Velvet.

4 Coffs Harbour.

5 Twilight Payment.

6 Ford.

7 Western Australia.

8 London.

9 Peanuts.

10 Fraser Island.

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