WEEKEND QUIZ 20220108: Ten questions, no lies

Ten questions from quizmaster John James Maloney

1 What is a baby wombat called?

2 What Australian state is Steven Marshall premier of?

3 A January 1984 hit song by Kenny Loggins was … Headloose, Footloose, Get Loose or Every Which Way But Loose?

4 In what local government area is Grevillia?

5 What are the national flowers of Japan?

6 What nationality is the artist Banksy?

7 Michael Schumacher is well known in what sport?

8 What film studio produced Pinocchio and Bambi?

9 Which singer had hits including Ring of Fire, Hurt and I Walk the Line?

10 Apart from queens Elizabeth (69 years so far) and Victoria (63 years), which British monarch had the next longest reign – coming in third?

Answers below this cute baby wombat


1 A joey.

2 South Australia.

3 Footloose.

4 Kyogle.

5 Cherry blossom and chrysanthemum.

6 English.

7 Formula one car racing.

8 Walt Disney.

9 Johnny Cash.

10 George III – 59 years.

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