WEEKEND QUIZ 20220423: Well hello, Aunt Joanna!

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 tricky questions for us.

1 In what town is the Hotel Illawong?

2 Who had the 1990 hit song Nothing Compares 2 U?

3 Viticulture is mainly concerned with…?

4 In Cockney rhyming slang what musical instruments was called aunt joanna?

5 What Greenlandic word beginning and ending with a K means a canoe?

6 What city do Mancunians come from? 

7 What animal is nicknamed a moggy?

8 What store is advertised as “my store?

9 Complete the second line of this nursery rhyme:

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe. 

Get it …

10 An Australian TV comedy was: The Runner; The Starter; The Chaser; or The Follower?

Answers below this relaxing aerial photo of a boat that starts with k


1 Evans Head. 

2 Sinead O’Connor.

3 Grape vines.

4 The piano. 

5 Kayak.

6 Manchester, UK. 

7 Cat. 

8 Myer.

… done by half past two.

10 The Chaser

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