WEEKEND QUIZ 20220521: Forget the political spin and test your records

Here are 10 questions from Quizmaster John James Maloney.

1 What is gingham?

2 Tetragrammaton, Parlophone and Capitol were or are what type of business?

3 Sans Souci (without care or no worries) is a suburb of what Australian city?

4 Rosemarie Trapp died this month at the age of 93. What was the name of the stage musical and film about her family?

5 Shayna Jack made a comeback this week in what sport?

6 Who had the 1985 number 1 hit Take on me … Ah-No; Arndoh; A-ha; or Ar-choo?

7 What is a rostrum?

8 What would you do with a vindaloo?

9 What is a caribou?

10 What was the occupation of George Banks – as inspired by P.L. Travers’s real father in her book Mary Poppins and in the 1964 film by Walt Disney?

Answers below a flying Mary Poppins. What a view she has.


1 Material or cloth.

2 Record labels of music companies.

3 Sydney.

4 The Sound of Music.

5 Swimming.

6 A-Ha.

7 Any kind of a platform for a speaker, such as a dais, a pulpit or a raised platform for public speaking or conducting an orchestra. Rostrum Australia is an association of public speaking clubs, founded in 1930.

8 Eat it, it is a very hot and spicy curry dish.

9 It is the North American name for reindeer. Also a cargo aircraft that served with the RAAF.

10 A No Nonsense Banker.

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