WEEKEND QUIZ: You can’t pass on that

Quizmaster John James Maloney has another 10 questions for you. Good luck.


1 What is a cassava?
2 What city has its airport near Mangere?
3 In what country is Renault based?
4 What river runs through Paris?
5 What type of building was the Paris Bastille?
6 Australia’s coldest place (excluding Antarctica), Charlotte Pass Village, had a record low of
minus 23 – what state is it in?
7 Who had the songs Edge of Reality, Kentucky Rain and A Little less Conversation?
8 Rearrange these letters to spell a capital city YVRIKEKAJ?
9 What vitamin is found commonly in citrus fruit?
10 In what local government area is Leeville?

Answers below this thriving cassava.

1 A shrub that produces an edible root vegetable, also called a cassava.
2 Auckland.
3 France.
4 The Seine.
5 A jail.
6 NSW.
7 Elvis Presley.
8 Reykjavik.
9 Vitamin C.
10 Richmond Valley.

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