When men’s singles, meat and million sellers come together, you have the quiz. And maybe the answers

Meat in a tin… spam, spam, spam, spam.

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 question for you to solve.


1 Which American singer was in the films Dick Tracy and Evita?

2 In what decade did DVDs become big sellers?

3 What fruit is depicted on top of the men’s singles trophy at Wimbledon?

4 What does it mean in Australia if someone or something is described as having a pong or is pongy?

5 Is Rocky Mouth Creek in Richmond Valley or Kyogle Shire?

6 What two words were combined to make the name of the canned meat product Spam?

7 What type of animal is a Bichon-Frise?

8 Which nation won the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

9 Where in the body is the temporal lobe?

10 What was the 1981 million-selling hit for Soft Cell: Tainted Milk or Tainted Love?

Tennis anyone?


1 Madonna.

2 1990s.

3 Pineapple.

4 It has a bad smell.

5 Richmond Valley Shire.

6 Spiced and Ham.

7 A dog.

8 Spain.

9 In the brain.

10 Tainted Love

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