With the Orinoco you might get some Oporto – but not in a dojo on the Congo using a bongo in this quizzo

Quizmaster John James Maloney has a new quizzo for us.


1 Not many words have all the vowels in them, but one is sequoia. What is a sequoia anyway?

2 In what country did the members of pop group Hoodoo Gurus come together?

3 What type of business is Oporto?

4 Name the well known extinct bird from Mauritius that is referred to in the old phrase: as dead as a …?

5 What is the name of the main street of Bangalow?

6 Orinoco Flow also released as Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) was a hit for which Irish entertainer?

7 What type of instrument is a bongo?

8 The Molonglo River runs through which Australian capital?

9 What sport is learned and practised in a dojo?

10 On what continent is the Republic of the Congo?

This is an early Mazda Bongo van. It made a hell of a booming noise on rough roads but wasn’t very musical. Photo: Taisyo, CC.


1 The giant redwood tree of California.

2 Australia.

3 Fast food franchise.

4 Dodo.

5 Byron Street (a stretch of Bangalow Road).

6 Enya.

7 Drum.

8 Canberra.

9 Japanese martial arts such as judo, aikido and karate.

10 Africa.

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