You’d be nuts to park under a bunya pine

ABOVE: The windscreen of a car was hit by a bunya nut in Kyogle. Photo: Tad Langley

Susanna Freymark

When Tad Langley saw a car parked under a tree in Irwin St in Kyogle, he didn’t expect to see the car’s windscreen smashed.

The culprit was a bunya nut.

In this case, nut is a misleading word.

When the bunya pine or bunya bunya is in season from December to March, the tree produces dozens of massive cones or nuts that can weigh up to 10kg.

When the bunya nut drops from great height, without warning, they can cause a lot of damage.

Just ask Tad.

The seed in the bunya cone is a nutritious bush tucker food.

The tree also produces highly valued timber which is used for musical instruments.

The tree grows to a height of 30-50m, and when a nut drops, it’s like a bomb.

Follow Tad’s advice:

“Heads up, don’t park under the bunya pine in Irwin St and avoid parking your car under a bunya pine.”

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Inside a bunya nut are the seeds and edible flesh. Photo: Contributed

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