BULLGOOSE: Wedgy was here first, by a long shot

Wedgy Florins from Bonalbo was a teenage artist whose greatest virtue was consistency.

Basically he had two subjects: a proud warrior with spear, standing on one leg with the other one bent up in front, foot resting on knee, and Fred Flintstone, standing around being Fred Flintstone.

That’s all he drew, but he drew them a lot, he drew them well, and he drew them the same way every time.

Another of his enthusiasms was graffiti, and Wedgy brought his great gift of consistency to the practice of graffitery.

His message was simple, yet powerful: Wedgy was ear.

Having come up with this triumph of succinctery, Wedgy never deviated from his script.

Wedgy marked his territory from Bonalbo to Tabulam, Casino, Baryulgil and on to Yamba, proclaiming he was ‘ear’ in all those places.

No surface was too high, too low, too new or too outlandish for his tag.

It’s even said that five Charolais-cross steers went through Casino saleyards with Wedgy’s texta brand on their rumps – and topped the sale.

The council had a portable roadworks barrier set up near Bonalbo.

Some activists wrote Lesbians are everywhere on the barrier in big purple texta letters.

A couple of days later we noticed a new message in smaller black letters, Wedgy was ear first.

Come to think of it, he was.

First, by two thousand generations.

A lesson to us all.

Would it hurt to change the date?


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