Clydesdale Steakhouse gets not one but two new Clydesdales

Sonny and Dixie Belle are home. Photos: Contributed

What is the Clydesdale Motel and Steakhouse without a Clydesdale – or two?

Lily the Clydesdale was a fixture at the Casino motel and restaurant and when she died last month the George family and community were sad to see her go.

Yesterday, Tuesday, October 31, two new Clydesdales were introduced to the paddock.

Introducing the horses to their new home.

Sonny and Dixie Belle are the “two new permanent employees that will keep an eye on things, maintain the grass and bring smiles to all of our customers’ faces,” owners Stuart and Marg George said.

“Make sure to say hello to these two next time you’re out our way.”

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