Farm animals and free soft serve ice cream to celebrate market anniversary

Susanna Freymark

Casino Lions Farmers Market celebrates its first anniversary tomorrow, Saturday, September 10 at Crawford Square in South Casino.

Peach farmers Frieda and John de Kleuver (pictured above) started the market with support from the Casino Lions Club.

Through covid and floods they have managed to increase the number of stalls from four at the first market to up to 14 different stalls.

“It was difficult at first getting stallholders and getting people to come,” Freida said.

“Casino is only a small market but it can be a learning place for farmers.

“We have become an incubator.”

Richmond Valley Council has supported the growing market by giving the space at Crawford Square for free.

Like any good farmers market, there are fresh vegetables, seasonal fruit, garlic, coffee, tarts and fresh bread, relishes, olives, eggs, flowers and much more.

The atmosphere is what makes the market a great place to shop every week. Meet the growers and sample the fresh food.

To celebrate the first anniversary, Gracemere Farmstead is bringing the farm animals into town.

John and Frieda running the market during covid restrictions. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Bethany Mantle has a market stall every week where she sells eggs and pasture-raised chicken meat from the Yorklea farm.

The last time she brought the animals along it was hugely popular, so she’s doing it again tomorrow.

BackYard Dog Bubble Waffles will be giving away free soft serve ice cream.

They will also be selling Taiwanese dumplings and spring rolls.

John and Frieda will be selling broccoli, kale, lettuce, cabbage, silverbeet and spring onions.

Allycats Spice Rack & Homemade Delights will be there with homemade beef jerky and homemade Teriyaki sauce

Powick’s Pantry from Bonalbo will make it difficult to choose what treat to pick with their selection of chef’s tarts.

Powick’s Pantry will be selling these cakes tomorrow.

There will be picnic tables and picnic blankets at tomorrow’s market, Frieda said.

“What better place than the park to enjoy the anniversary market day. You are also welcome to bring your own picnic blanket.”

Frieda said they will be expanding the Casino market in the coming year.

The market motto will be Make it, Bake it, Grow it to include a wider range of products.

Stalls cost $15/market. If you’re interested in having a stall call John and Frieda on 0498 001 257.

Five reasons to go to Casino Farmers Market
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