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I grew up in Kyogle and have childhood memories of performing in the Kyogle Bush Theatre.

I’ve ran my own businesses, secretarial, real estate, civil celebrant, been a JP for more than a year and run modelling and casting agencies.

My hubby’s a singer and guitarist, so any of the good old 60s music he sings for me is always great.

My life philosophy is : Never trust that the government has your best interests at hand, always make them accountable for their actions. The people are and have the power to make change. The politicians are the people’s servants, hence the name public servant.

Our communities need to remind representatives of their public servant role. That is why I like Pauline’s “people’s referendum” idea, it’s a way to keep politicians accountable and in line.

I could not stand by this election; things have reached boiling point. This is the most important election in our history.

We are in dire straits, our country’s economy is falling apart, our businesses are closing doors, our youth are depressed, cannot find jobs, drugs are everywhere, gambling is every second advertisement on evening television.

All of these things are stealing our youths’ valuable lives away. The government have sold most of our valuable assets (mostly to overseas investors) and are easily ready to give in to outside rules and regulations, when they have neither the science nor professionalism to support them.  The government has lost its way, its time to create a better Government a I am ready to be a part of making that change.

In politics I admire Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts. He is at the forefront of exposing what is really going on in and behind the scenes of Government and policies.

I value freedom, family, love-faith-planet) equally.

Here’s the song that inspires me.

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