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Heather Smith Australian Federation Party

Mum was a Cudgen girl who moved to Queensland, so I grew up on 600-acre farm at Childers, near Bundaberg. We returned to the Northern Rivers in 2016.

We were free range children, as long as Mum knew where we were going and roughly when we would be home, that was good enough.  Our farm was surrounded by absent landowners so two kids on horses had plenty of opportunity to explore.  I really value the personal independence and connection with the natural landscape that came from that.

My professional career revolved around agriculture in roles with Landcare, MLA, Farm Banking, QLD Rural Adjustment Authority and more recently in support for a company that developed regenerative grazing software as an aid to graziers on their regenerative journey. 

I now live in the very north of the Page electorate with views of the Queensland border where I raise beef cattle using a regenerative grazing model in a high ethics and high welfare system.

Respect, kindness and contribution are the three principles I try to adhere to.  

It is the last principle that has led me to stand as a candidate. I see the parliamentary roles as a true voice of community. I think that NSW MP Tanya Davies, Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick and local MP Janelle Saffin have been great role models in politics.

The human race is a diverse and wonderful species and nowhere is that more evident than in the Northern Rivers which has long been the bolthole for people who choose to walk a different path.  I feel fortunate to live in a wealthy and open society that allows us to express that diversity and creativity via our choices.  It is a privilege denied to many.

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