MEET THE SNAPPER: Amber Bristow captures motherhood, birth and special family moments

ABOVE: Capturing the journey of motherhood. Photo: Amber Bristow

Susanna Freymark

Photographer Amber Bristow thinks her goofy nature makes her ideal to take photos of families.

She recently moved to Cedar Point near Kyogle with her family.

“We ventured out this way when my daughter’s grandparents moved out here and saw how much Ellie, our seven-year-old daughter, loved being on horses and motor bikes and wanted her to have that type of lifestyle growing up,” Amber said.

Amber grew up in Ocean Shores and went to school in Mullumbimby.

“My mum bought me my first camera when I was a teenager and I couldn’t put it down.”

Amber Bristow want to use her photography to capture special family moments.

Amber rediscovered photography four years ago and did a few courses to upskill.

“I practised and practised and my confidence grew with time,” she said.

She is studying design and loves submerging herself into all things creative, she said.

This includes photography, pottery, painting, web and graphic design.

“I started with real estate photography and found myself seeking emotion and more creativity,” she said.

“I veered towards families due to my fun and goofy nature. I love interacting with the kids and making it a fun session. I really think images are timeless and I still enjoy flipping through my parents’ old albums.”

She plans to start doing weddings.

“Any special day or moment, I want to be there.”

What makes a good photographer?

“It’s not just about the photos, but the experience itself. Obviously, you want some great shots, but if you feel awkward and uncomfortable it will show. I aim to make sessions fun and comfortable while telling a story,” Amber said.

One of her most memorable sessions was photographing a birth.

“Capturing the miracle life left me in tears of joy and the environment you are in is one of love and awe,” she said.

We asked Amber to select three of her favourite photos. Here’s what she chose.

Capturing the most intimate moments with a new member of the family is just so special.
I just love this photo. This couple was so fun and you could just tell they were in love.
I feel so lucky I get to capture these emotions for people.
Appreciating a woman’s body for what it can do.
I only wish I had more photos of my bump when I was pregnant.
Motherhood has taught me to truly cherish what us women are made of.

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