Please help find these El Gronda statues – for history’s sake

ABOVE: Two rather grand bronze cast statues marked the entrance to El Gronda arcade. Photos: Casino Historical Society

Susanna Freymark

Every few years since I’ve been reporting on news in the area, I get a call about the two statutes that stood at the El Gronda Arcade in Casino.

Do I know where they are? – I’m asked. I wish I did.

The bronze cast statues marked the entrance to the El Gronda Theatre, built in 1937.

The theatre was demolished and the cinema paradise was paved and replaced by a parking lot in 1972. (you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone).

In my last search, I was told the statues were in Sydney in the suburbs of Roseville or Roseberry.

Someone else said they were buried in a backyard in Casino. I went to said backyard and the man at the house wasn’t impressed and definitely said they weren’t in his backyard.

So where are they? Do they still exist?

I like to think so.

Imagine if one or both were found. And a statue was returned  to Casino. Wouldn’t that be something?

So, I’m looking again.

History buffs, sleuths – anyone who knows anything, please contact me at

And do share this story. We never know who might read it and know something.

Inside the El Gronda Theatre complex. Looks like fun/.

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