Quick thinking student jumps into driver’s seat of rolling bus

Erin Whitton presents a certificate and $100 to Izzy Miller for steering the school bus away from the mini mart. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Izzy Miller, 14, was talking to some kids on the bus.

It was Wednesday, November 22 – the end of a school day.

The bus driver had got off the bus to talk to a teacher.

The door shut. The bus started moving.

Izzy said it took only a few seconds before she realised the bus was rolling and there was no one in the driver’s seat.

“It was heading towards the shop,” Izzy said.

That shop was the North Casino Mini Mart, opposite Casino High School.

Erin Whitton owns the shop but wasn’t there on Wednesday. She didn’t see the bus rolling towards the shop.

But her staff did.

Quick thinking Izzy jumped in the driver’s chair and steered the bus onto the shop driveway.

“It took about 10–20 seconds for the bus to stop,” Izzy said.

“I was pretty scared and nervous.

“And I was pretty relieved no one was injured. I would have been upset.”

Izzy’s calm demeanour during the emergency not only saved the mini mart but three parked cars and a man at the petrol pump, Erin said.

Erin didn’t know about the drama until the next day. As soon as she heard about it, she checked the CCTV footage at the shop.

“We watched the playback,” Erin said.

“I was shocked. The bus started to roll and made a beeline to the shop.’

Izzy wasn’t even supposed to be on the bus, she was chatting to friends, Erin said.

Luckily for everyone, including the students on the bus, Izzy was there and instantly knew what to do.

“If she hadn’t it would have been catastrophic,” Erin said.

On Thursday night, Erin called the school principal and asked for Izzy to come by the mini mart on Friday.

Erin said Izzy was in  tears when she was presented with a bravery certificate and $100.

“If not for Izzy, I would be spending a lot more than $100. I could have lost everything,” Erin said.

Izzy said she is going to save the money for something in the future.

Driving lessons perhaps? Izzy laughs.

She has saved the day and deserves recognition for her courageous act.

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