Crash is a sad reminder of multiple previous deaths

The trees near the crash site that were planted in honour of Greg Daley’s parents who died in an accident there 20 years ago. Photos: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Two cars crashed at the T-junction of Bentley Road and Summerland Way on Christmas Day. A woman in her 70s was taken to hospital.

The photos from the crash site show the wreckage of the car driven by a young man.

The outcome of this crash could have been much worse.

This was the site of a fatal crash 20 years ago. Two large trees planted nearby are a reminder of that day and of Greg Daley’s mother and father.

“We lost our parents at this same intersection 20 years ago,” Greg said.

The crash site on Christmas Day.

“I have often suggested a simple solution would be to have clearly marked lines with STOP so cars coming from Lismore can easily see where to stop and give way to traffic on Summerland Way.”

Another resident said she lost her aunt and uncle in a crash at the T-junction in April 1972.

When the latest crash was posted online, there were many responses from readers who spoke about the intersection.

“It’s a very dangerous intersection and there will be other tragic accidents unless there is something done about it.”

“I cannot believe how many cars pull out in front of oncoming traffic at this intersection. It’s not a blind spot.”

The car wreck in the middle of the road.

“Take the time to be aware of your surroundings before potentially killing somebody or yourself. It’s not that hard – it only takes a few seconds. There has been devastating fatal accidents at this intersection and all could have been avoided if people weren’t in a hurry.”

According to NSW transport road safety statistics there was one death on the roads in Kyogle LGA last year.

In 2021, there were three deaths, in 2020 there was one and in 2019 there were two.

Drivers, take care when approaching the T-junction at Summerland Way.

The T-junction where there was a crash on Christmas Day.
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